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M Introductions is a specialist recruitment consultancy, focused on connecting people and companies within the Financial Services industry.


Over a decade of experience working with and within the companies of this industry, combined with years of internal and external recruitment experience, uniquely positions M to offer a first-hand, consultative recruitment service for prospective employers and employees.



Whether looking for a specifically experienced hire or a broader search, the unique contacts M offers can cater for either approach whilst providing a fresh, untapped pool of talent. 

The best talent rarely has time to search. M enables candidates to create a specific search criteria which will then be taken to hand-picked organisations, best suited to your ambition and requirements. 


These positions include client facing and typically revenue critical roles; across the Financial Services industry.


Commonly known as 'Back Office' positions, these roles are vital to the smooth day-to-day running  of a company, process improvement and project management for longer term business goals. 


Support functions can make or break a company's reputation and can often be the internal glue which helps bind departments. Staff therefore are particularly key whether client facing or operationally focussed.



M's executive search is dedicated to fulfilling senior management level positions. The M network expands across Heads of Departments, Directors and C-level officers, many of whom require a proactive and discreet service when embarking on a new venture.



How we work with you

M has a professional yet personable approach to helping candidates find new roles.

We take a genuine interest in not only your job requirements and experience, but the drivers behind your decision to change position and the impact that will have on you personally. 

All of this we will continue to evaluate throughout various stages of your job search to help build a trustworthy relationship based on honesty, integrity and discretion

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Your journey and the process

Our approach to candidates is as consultative and as thorough as it is with our companies.


Therefore we will conduct an initial phone call to establish the basis of your requirements and current situation. We like to make sure we understand in detail not just your job search criteria, but also any long term career goals you may have and how this will impact your life. 

We will then provide you with an insight into our exclusive network and recommend which companies and contacts we feel will best suit you, your personal circumstances, skillset career goals, experience and salary requirements. From there we will arrange initial meetings and consult with you throughout the entire process until you feel that the opportunities and any prospective job offers are right for you.



How we work with your company

Whether hiring your new CEO or recruiting for a junior role, our approach will remain proactive and professional though a series of conversations and meeting which will always show the depth of interest we take in not only your hire, but your company and your broader business goals.

M understands the importance of working with companies instead of trying to set the pace when recruiting. Whether your business has a recruitment team with internal practices to work alongside, or you are single handedly looking for a completely managed recruitment process, we are capable of meeting your requests. 

M will provide fresh talent, market information and present new ideas to you during the process, to consult and assist in not only managing but also attracting the best possible candidates. 

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Your client journey and process

Prior to starting an assignment, we like to meet you. We like to understand how your business works, your culture, your people and how the person is going to fit in. Having established this, we will dive into the detail of the job description with you - we can help provide insight into what experience, package and demand is like for the person you require, or we can simply listen to what you want. 

Once we have the brief we set off to find your next hire. We will pull on our unique network of candidates to ensure you are meeting with fresh talent. From here we will arrange meetings and act as an intermediary for any feedback or subsequent package negotiations. 









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