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We help clients understand, utilise and hire diverse skills and mindsets

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is a movement that many companies have now either fully embraced or are putting strategies and objectives in place in order to achieve.

We help companies to better understand the benefits that a more diverse and inclusive workforce can provide whilst consulting with them about how to implement this most effectively, from helping them find more diverse candidates, attract and retain more diverse candidate, overcome challenges and reap the benefits from a more diverse workforce most efficiently.

Utilising our vast network, unique algorithms and creative search mediums we can provide recruitment consultancy and search services to help clients fulfil these challenging hiring mandates.

Practicing what we preach, our own business has a 46% diversity ratio, which we have committed to raise to 50%.

DEI learn more

Alongside our typical retained and contingent recruitment services, we have designed a unique algorithm which allows clients and candidates to match based on unique personal skill sets as well as past experience.


This not only helps companies understand how to identify diverse candidates soft or 'key' skills, but forms strong initial understandings of the candidates' personalities, profiles and circumstances.

To submit your own DEI enquiry, please choose from one of the following forms below:

Key Skills Input

3 key skills are submitted via online

forms by candidates and clients

Qualified Results

We will contact matches which fall within

our clients’ parameters and qualify interest

Unique Formula

We have developed an automated 90-point

scoring system to analyze and match results


Looking at where to start


For anyone wanting to gain an initial insight into, or perhaps review their understanding of Diversity Equity & Inclusion, we have created a brochure providing an  introduction to DEI hiring.


This gives a simple yet fundamental view of the changes that workplaces undertaking whilst hopefully providing more insight into the minds of those within minority groups.

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